May – the love and dedication for Holy Mary

May has been a very special and blessed month in our College as we joined together as a community to promote and share our devotion towards our Holy Mother through different chaplaincy activities.

Every day, a class within our Primary Campus has welcomed the statue of Holy Mary. The presence of Holy Mary was intended to help students learn more about her and to promote Marian devotion.  The students watched a video about Mary’s life, coloured a picture, wrote a personal prayer which was placed in a prayer box that was taken from one class to another by the students themselves. 

Every week, at a specific time, all the students in our campus stopped from their lessons and recited the rosary in class. It was a very special moment knowing that we are praying together as a community. These moments of prayers have helped the students to understand and appreciate more, the importance and value of prayer in their lives.

It was gratifying seeing the children bringing the flowers from home and placing them in front of Holy Mary with respect in the foyer. During the whole month of May, the love and dedication for Mary was expressed by the continuous flow of fresh flowers and devotion shown throughout.

We concluded this unique month by celebrating a moment of prayer in our ground. During this celebration we offered the prayers as a community followed by the crowning of Our Lady which honour traditionally falls on the youngest student in the primary school helped by the eldest student in the Primary.  

Ms Justine Bugeja