etwinning project – Solidarietà

This scholastic year, our St Augustine College together St. Michael’s School, Santa Venera and ICS Giuseppe Giusti, Terzigno (Na), Italy  collaborated together in an etwinning project called Solidarietà. In this project we wanted to motivate year 11 students to read and write in Italian whilst collaborating together and also develop their digital skills. As part of our school development plan this year our College wanted teachers to make better use of ICT in order to stimulate effective learner-participation and therefore, by participating in this project, we were also integrating the project in our curriculum and school development plan. So during the past months our year 11 students studying Italian were presented modified articles in Italian about solidarity situations around us during the pandemic. Activities (reading of comprehension and video clip watching) were conducted in class and then students had to work out comprehensions at home. Students also could give their opinion about that particular situation and if possible they also had to find online similar solidarity acts in their own country. By doing so students had the opportunity to practice the language with peers, confront on different topics, make good use of digital tools and become good citizens. 

When conducing the comprehensions students were practicing the four skills that are essential in language learning. They were practicing the reading skills when actually reading the texts. They practiced speaking skills when answering orally the questions in class but also gave their views about the situation. When watching the video clips related to the topic they were practicing their listening skills in the target language and finally when answering questions and leaving comments on the page they were practicing written Italian. By doing this project students were also exploring Italy’s culture in a different way. 

Finally an e book was created with all the work and comments that the students did during this past scholastic year. 

This is the link to the e-book –

Ms Donna Rose Bajada